Amul dairy is conquering America


Amul, a renowned Indian dairy brand, has made a significant stride in its global outreach by launching fresh milk in the United States12.

Amul’s Global Debut

For the first time, Amul’s fresh milk will be available outside India1This initiative is taken to cater to the Indian diaspora and the Asian population settled in the US2The fresh milk variants will be stocked at major Indian grocery stores across the East Coast and Midwest regions of the US3.

Strategic Partnership

Amul has tied up with the 108-year-old cooperative organization, Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA), to launch fresh milk in the US market12The milk collection and processing will be done by MMPA, while Amul will handle the marketing and branding1.

Product Line

Within a week, Amul Taaza, Amul Gold, Amul Shakti, and Amul Slim n Trim will be available in the US market1The products will be available in several cities including New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Washington, and Dallas13.

Future Plans

Amul plans to launch fresh milk products like paneer, curd, and buttermilk in the near future1This expansion marks a significant milestone for Amul, which is already exporting dairy products to more than 50 countries around the world2.


Amul’s expansion into the US market represents a significant step in the brand’s global growth strategy. It not only provides a taste of home for the Indian diaspora but also introduces the quality and richness of Indian dairy products to a broader audience.

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