“Unveiling Fonterra: New Zealand’s Dairy Giant and Its Global Impact”

Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, commonly known as Fonterra, is a New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative owned by around 10,000 New Zealand farmers. The company is responsible for approximately 30% of the world's dairy exports and, with revenue exceeding NZ$17.2 billion, is New Zealand's largest company.

Fonterra’s History and Growth

Fonterra was established in October 2001 following the merger of the country’s two largest dairy co-operatives, New Zealand Dairy Group and Kiwi Co-operative Dairies, along with the New Zealand Dairy Board. Since its inception, Fonterra has grown to become a global leader in dairy nutrition and the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies. It is also a market leader with its own consumer dairy brands in New Zealand and Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Fonterra’s Business Model

Fonterra operates on a co-operative business model, where farmers who supply milk to the company also own shares in the company. This model ensures that the interests of the milk suppliers and the company are closely aligned. Fonterra’s business model also allows it to operate efficiently, with a strong focus on quality and sustainability.

Sustainability at Fonterra

Sustainability is at the heart of Fonterra’s operations. The company is committed to responsible dairying, with a focus on sustainable farming practices, reducing environmental impact, and contributing positively to communities. Fonterra has set ambitious sustainability targets, including plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water usage, and to increase the amount of recyclable packaging they use.

Fonterra’s Global Presence

Source: Dairy News

Fonterra’s products are enjoyed in more than 140 countries around the world, and the company has a network of offices, farms, factories, and distribution centers across six continents. Fonterra’s global presence allows it to serve its customers effectively and efficiently, and to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer preferences.


Fonterra is a testament to New Zealand’s thriving dairy industry. With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, Fonterra is well-positioned to continue its growth and maintain its status as a global leader in dairy nutrition.

Remember, when you choose Fonterra, you’re not just choosing high-quality dairy products. You’re also supporting a company that values sustainability, supports local farmers, and contributes positively to communities around the world.

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