How to Apply for Amul Franchise Store

Starting a business can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, and partnering with a well-established brand like Amul can significantly boost your chances of success.

Amul, a leading dairy brand in India, offers lucrative franchise opportunities that promise substantial returns.

If you’re considering investing in an Amul franchise, this guide will walk you through the application process, requirements, and benefits.

Understanding the Amul Franchise Model

Amul offers two main types of franchises: Amul Preferred Outlet (APO) and Amul Railway Parlor/Kiosk. Each type has its own set of requirements and benefits.

The APO typically operates in urban and semi-urban areas, offering a wide range of Amul products.

The Railway Parlor/Kiosk is usually located at railway stations, providing convenience to travelers.

Benefits of Amul Franchise

Established Brand: Amul is a household name in India, synonymous with quality dairy products. This strong brand recognition can drive foot traffic to your store.

Low Investment: Compared to other franchise opportunities, the investment required for an Amul franchise is relatively low, making it accessible for many entrepreneurs.

High Returns: Amul franchises have high profit margins, with some outlets reporting up to 20% returns on investment.

Support from Amul: Franchisees receive extensive support from Amul, including training, marketing materials, and ongoing operational assistance.

Steps to Apply for Amul Franchise

1. Research and Decide the Type of Franchise

Before applying, decide whether you want to operate an APO or a Railway Parlor/Kiosk.

Consider the location and market potential of each type.

For instance, an APO might be better suited for a bustling urban area, while a Railway Parlor/Kiosk could thrive in a busy train station.

2. Check the Eligibility Criteria

To apply for an Amul franchise, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria:

  1. Financial Capability: You should have the required investment amount. Typically, an APO involves an investment of INR 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs, while a Railway Parlor/Kiosk needs around INR 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs.
  2. Space Requirement: For an APO, you need a minimum space of 100–300 sq. ft. Railway Kiosks require a smaller space, around 100 sq. ft.
3. Prepare the Required Documents

Ensure you have the following documents ready:

  1. Identity Proof (Aadhar card, PAN card)
  2. Address Proof
  3. Recent Passport-sized Photographs
  4. Business Plan (optional but recommended)
  5. Proof of Property Ownership or Lease Agreement for the location
4. Submit the Application

Visit the official Amul website and navigate to the franchise section. Fill out the application form with accurate details. You may also contact Amul directly through their customer care number for guidance.

The form typically asks for personal details, financial information, and the proposed location for the franchise.

5. Initial Screening and Meeting

After submitting your application, Amul’s franchise team will review it. If you meet the initial criteria, you will be called for a meeting or a site visit.

This is an opportunity to discuss your business plan and understand Amul’s expectations.

6. Agreement and Payment

If your application is approved, you will sign a franchise agreement outlining the terms and conditions.

Once the agreement is signed, you will need to make the necessary payments, including the franchise fee and any other initial costs.

7. Setup and Training

Amul provides comprehensive support for setting up your store. This includes layout design, procurement of necessary equipment, and initial stock.

You and your staff will also undergo training on product handling, sales techniques, and customer service.

8. Grand Opening

Once your store is set up and stocked, you can plan a grand opening.

Amul often provides promotional materials and support to help you attract customers and create buzz around your new store.


Investing in an Amul franchise is a promising business opportunity, offering the backing of a reputable brand and the potential for high returns.

By following the outlined steps and meeting the necessary criteria, you can become part of the Amul family and start your journey toward entrepreneurial success.

For more detailed information, visit the official Amul franchise page, contact Amul’s customer support (, or call 02268526666 for personalized guidance.

Taking these steps will ensure a smooth and successful application process, setting you on the path to becoming a thriving Amul franchise owner.

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